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Curio’s Davos Plans in Full Swing


Since 1971, the WEF has been a bastion of the global economic and political elite. Every year, the world’s most prominent politicians, business leaders, economists and celebrities meet in Davos, Switzerland to discuss the global economy and economic development. Davos played a central role in facilitating the international response to some of the most dramatic events of the last 50 years, including the collapse of Bretton Woods in 1973, the global financial crisis of 2007 and the Eurozone debt crisis of 2009.   

“STOs now represent one of the most solid business cases for blockchain”

While the event remains a byword for power and exclusivity, it is now broadening its reach to encompass emerging businesses in the digital economy, and blockchain technology is at the forefront. Davos Conference Week provides a forum for innovative start-ups and entrepreneurs to rub shoulders with titans of the economic and financial establishment. The series of events, dinners and parties also attracts keen interest from venture capitalists seeking to exploit the new wave of digital innovation unleashed by blockchain technology. There has been lots of buzz about asset tokenization recently, along with a growing recognition that it represents one of the most solid business cases for blockchain.

As a central pioneer of asset tokenization in the Swiss crypto scene, Curio Invest will be playing an active role at the Davos Conference Week this year. Curio is harnessing asset tokenization to break down the barriers to entry to the lucrative collectable car market, meaning that everyone can now invest in exclusive vehicles like the Ferrari F12tdf. CEO Fernando Verboonen has placed particular emphasis on recruiting financial and legal experts to ensure complete regulatory compliance.

A highlight for Curio this year will be co-hosting the Em-Tech Investment Meetings, which will examine how digital assets will impact our lives in the coming years. Curio is a proud sponsor of EM-TECH, a non-profit project.

Will you be attending Davos too? Click here to contact us and arrange a meeting.

founder of curio invest

Fernando Verboonen is the Co-founder & CEO Curio Invest. He has been in the Web3 space for nearly a decade and has a wealth of knowledge about the ecosystem.