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CurioInvest to Expand Carbon Neutral Tokenization of RWA

Rare Token-backed Ferrari F12tdf First in Series Lineup

Building a sustainable future: climate neutral tokenized assets

Liechtenstein, Jan 30th, 2022CurioInvest (by Curio Group) and KlimaDAO have partnered together to accelerate the trend of Real World Asset (RWA) tokenization. Curio Group will offer a limited edition Ferrari F12tdf via its platform to bidders. KlimaDAO will provide an integration to offset the Ferrari’s operational lifetime carbon footprint. 

CurioInvest was the first to use blockchain technology to democratize investments in one-of-a-kind physical collectible assets for as low as $1 per token, allowing anyone to own a piece of some of the most unique car collectibles. A rare Ferrari F12tdf was the first in the world to be tokenized this way. The technology guarantees that once you obtain tokens representing an asset, no single authority can erase or change your ownership where your ownership of that asset remains entirely immutable. CurioInvest is among the leaders in this fast-growing space with more than 500 available and upcoming physical, and collectible assets.

With climate action becoming increasingly important to both the Web3 community and society at large, CurioInvest aims to ensure that all assets that they facilitate are carbon neutral for their entire lifecycle. By integrating with KlimaDAO’s retirement aggregator, which provides transparent and instant carbon offsetting services, the partnership between CurioInvest and KlimaDAO represents a significant step forward in bringing Web3 markets towards real-world utility.  

57.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide have been offset through this partnership – this assumes the car emits 360g per kilometre travelled in the vehicle. The carbon credits used represent the environmental benefit from investments made at the Pacajai REDD+ project. The proof linking to the car’s unique VIN to this carbon offset can be found via the KlimaDAO retirements page.

“Imagine a world that is both tokenized and carbon neutral,” said Fernando Verboonen, CurioInvest’s co-founder. “Our mission at CurioInvest is to make every real-world asset a tradable asset and thanks to our partnership with KlimaDAO we can now accelerate this adoption in a carbon-friendly manner. We envision a more open, free, and fair society, and believe that carbon-neutral tokenized assets have the potential to achieve that goal.”

With 9 categories already added on CurioInvest and RollApp, the platform has only scratched the surface of available alternative assets historically limited to just the wealthy. Liam Ellul, Sales Lead at KlimaDAO said: “Our partnership with CurioInvest is another step forward in achieving our goal of making climate financing more accessible and transparent. For those who wish to take action by sourcing and retiring carbon credits, it no longer needs to be a drawn-out and painful process. With this partnership, we aim to demonstrate how easy it is for the auto industry to get involved and integrate with our Digital Carbon Market technology.”

For more info visit https://curioinvest.com/

About Curio:

CurioDAO, a multi-chain NFT platform where users can easily mint RWA NFT, get liquidity or earn yield by creating farms. CurioDAO brings fractional investing to real-world asset NFTs. Beyond having the first-mover advantage and access to a unique supply of rare collectibles, our USP is reg-tech & blockchain. While focusing on asset tokenization, we gained early traction via our product CurioInvest. CurioDAO is recognized as top 30 by the number of members, and began deep integrations with NEAR, Chainlink, MakerDAO, Polkadot, BSC, SKALE.

About KlimaDAO:

KlimaDAO is an on-chain scaling solution for the Voluntary Carbon Market. KlimaDAO aims to open up the market to greater transparency and efficiency by combining digital carbon with a blockchain-enabled technology stack. Get started on your sustainability journey with KlimaDAO here

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