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Tokenizing Collectable Cars with CurioInvest

CurioInvest is pleased to announce the Curio Hybrid System, its blockchain-based tokenization ecosystem with various projects including the Curio StableCoin Protocol (Curio Creator Protocol), the Curio DAO, Curio Parachain (connected to Kusama/Polkadot networks), Capital DEX, and utility tokens CUR and CURV. Also, the Curio Multiple Protocol will be included in the Curio Hybrid System.

The Creator Protocol (Curio StableCoin Protocol) is an open-source blockchain network that allows users to mint the CSC stable coin. It is governed by the Curio DAO through the governance token CGT and hosted on both Ethereum and Curio Parachain (connected to Kusama and in the future to Polkadot) platforms.

Curio Multiple Protocol allows holders of the Curio ecosystem’s tokens to earn rewards when contributing and accessing loans using its various interconvertible tokens, CGT, CSC, CUR, and CURV.

CurioInvest Mission

CurioInvest wants to open up the collectible cars market to everyone so that more people can invest in and profit from the rarest of luxurious cars like sports cars and race cars.

The goal will be accomplished by launching a blockchain-based crowdfunded and community-based investment model that will open up this market to millions of new investors. Here are some of the advantages of investing in tokenized collectible cars with CurioInvest.

1.  Simple Access to Decentralized Finance

CurioInvest offers an online investment platform to investors of all levels to access and invest in high-value assets like rarest cars.

For the longest time, collectible cars have been one of the top-performing alternative asset classes, but have remained mostly accessible to the elite or high net worth individuals. However, with tokenization through security tokens, the asset class can be availed to a broader range of investors.

CurioInvest is introducing blockchain technology to disrupt the collectible cars market. This will also allow crypto adopters to invest in digital assets that are backed by real-world assets.

2.  Exposure to More Tokenized Real Assets

The Creator Protocol is working on introducing real estate as the next available real-world-backed digital asset class.

3.  Efficiency

CurioInvest offers efficient services through its Liechtenstein-based crowdfunding structure, which is unique and lean-to to ensure tax efficiency and investment growth.

4.  Security

The use of a decentralized blockchain network that is DAO-governed and hosted on different blockchain ecosystems fosters additional security to investors.

CurioInvest also adheres to FMA’s directives of blockchain technology regulatory compliance.  

How Does It Work?

CurioInvest finds the collectible cars, invites investors to share in the ownership, provides asset security, and distributes earnings to investors.

The Creator Protocol has several segments, the Curio Chainlink Oracles that feed it live data, the Stablecoin CGT, a voting system, and the Creator Security Vaults. CGT holders govern the Creator Protocol through their stakes and voting power on the CurioDAO to maintain its solidity, clarity, and efficiency.

The protocol is governed through the DAO model and uses the Curio Governance Token (CGT), a tradable liquid digital asset. Curio DAO, serving the Stablecoin Protocol, allows resolve management issues among the community and make changes to the protocol.

CSC holders can generate new CSC coins by depositing other security tokens in the Creator Vault feature of the Creator Protocol. Once minted, the protocol also allows CSC holders to use their stablecoins as savings and for other miscellaneous crypto purposes.

CGT holders can trade CGT on both centralized (CEXs) and decentralized (DEXs) exchanges and use it to vote on community decisions on the Curio DAO. Curio Chainlink Oracles determine the value of CSC by feeding the CurioDAO live and trusted information from various selected sources of market prices for collection cars.

CT1 is an ERC-20 token on Ethereum that represents the share of the tokenized collectible car by CurioInvest. Using the Aragon DAO platform, CUR token holders may convert CUR into CURV, a utility token which holders can use to decide which car should be tokenized first and also receive various rewards in the future.

In addition to Capital DEX, CUR, and CSC are also available for trading in several pairs on different exchanges.

founder of curio invest

Fernando Verboonen is the Co-founder & CEO Curio Invest. He has been in the Web3 space for nearly a decade and has a wealth of knowledge about the ecosystem.

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