CurioInvest Announces Curio Parachain and Staking Rewards is all set to launch its first parachain that would enable the users holding the native token CGT to stake and be eligible to earn staking rewards. This announcement marks an important milestone in the roadmap of CurioInvest as it helps flourish the lending and borrowing DeFi capabilities of the platform. A cross-based  Defi protocol that enables everyone to invest in and profit from high-value assets such as collectible cars, with a target of opening up the collectible car market to millions of new investors. 

Curio Ecosystem

The CGT token, which is also referred to as the governance token of the Protocol of the Creator, enables holders to cast votes on alterations to be made on the Creator Protocol. It is noteworthy that anyone can bring up a proposal for a CGT vote even without possessing a CGT. The process of Governance creation usually encompasses proposals and executive voting. This guarantees that decisions related to governance are considered, and an agreement is reached before the actual process of voting.

CurioInvest’s team of experts research and source rare, investment-grade collectible cars. The selection is made from an investment point of view where only competitively priced cars with the potential to increase in value over time. 

Collectible cars have been consistently among the highest performing alternative asset classes, but up until now, the market was only viable for elite investors. CurioInvest is using blockchain to disrupt the industry, enabling smaller investors to benefit from the collectible car market. It is also an ideal opportunity for crypto investors to diversify their exposure by investing in tokens backed by a tangible asset.

When the car is resold, a user holding certain ownership of the car in the form of a token will receive a profit if the vehicle increases in value. These tokens have a whole ecosystem of their own where users can buy different tokens for ownership in multiple cars, can trade these tokens on the platform, and peer-to-peer market.

Curio Parachain Staking: How it Works

Curio Parachain would make use of Nominated Proof-of-Stake for selecting the validator set. It is designed with the roles of validators and nominators, to maximize chain security. Actors who are interested in maintaining the network can run a validator node. At genesis, Curio Parachain will have a limited amount of slots available for these validators, but this number will grow over time to over one thousand.

The system encourages CGT holders to participate as nominators. Nominators may back up to 8 validators as trusted validator candidates. Validators assume the role of producing new blocks, validating parachain blocks, and guaranteeing finality. Nominators can choose to back select validators with their stake.

The staking system pays out rewards essentially equally to all validators regardless of stake. Having more stake on a validator does not influence the number of block rewards it receives. However, there is a probabilistic component to reward calculations.

Distribution of the rewards is pro-rata to all stakers after the validator payment is deducted. In this way, the network incentivize the nomination of lower-staked validators to create an equally-staked validator set.

CurioInvest Combines DeFi With NFT to Offer the Most Sought After Product

Decentralized Finance (Defi) became the success story of 2020 as its market cap and use cases grow by multi-folds and many even believe it would be the future of banking. On the other hand, NFTs have turned sort of rage in the recent past with a 10-second video encoded on blockchain recently sold for $6.6 million. CurioInvest plans to bring the best of both worlds where it would collect cars on behalf of buyers and convert the ownership into multiple tokens, so multiple users can own a portion of the car.

The blockchain-based tokenization ecosystem with various projects including the Curio StableCoin Protocol (Curio Creator Protocol), the Curio DAO, Curio Parachain (connected to Kusama/Polkadot networks), Capital DEX, and utility tokens CUR and CURV. Also, the Curio Multiple Protocol will be included in the Curio Hybrid System.

Curio Multiple Protocol allows holders of the Curio ecosystem’s tokens to earn rewards when contributing and accessing loans using its various interconvertible tokens, CGT, CSC, CUR, and CURV.

The native token which would be the governance token on the platform could also be used to stake on the parachain and earn a reward on the staked token. 

Benefits of Staking On Curio Parachain

If you’re wondering why you should stake CGT tokens on Curio Parachain, you can stop wondering now. Here are some of the benefits you enjoy by staking on the Curio Parachain. 

  • Earn up to 25% in rewards: Stake your CGT tokens and earn up to 25% in rewards for securing the network. 
  • Up to 10% targeted annual inflation rate: Curio Parachain offers an p to 10% annual inflation rate to regulate the value of tokens on the platform.
  • Up to 60% targeted active staking: Inflation on the blockchain is shared among validators and nominators if up to 60% of CGT is staked.



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